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How Does Marble Get Etched?

Marble has become very popular, especially in kitchens, because of its soft beauty. But with marble comes some potential problems. Compared to other stones, marble is a fairly soft stone, and because of that it can get scratched or etched easily. It is very sensitive to acid-based juices like tomato and lemon juice. Other liquids that can cause etching are coffee, and wine (Especially red wine). Etched Marble

So how is the marble etched?

When a liquid with an acid base is spilled on the marble stone surface the acid reacts with calcium carbonate and it starts eating away, or etching the surface a little bit at a time. When this happens dull spots, also called etches, show up as a permanent mark on the surface. Etches are not stains, and therefore cannot simply be cleaned up with a cleaner or polish. They remain on the surface permanently.

How to remove marble etches from countertop surfaces?

This is where OPAL PREMIUM comes in. The premium sealer chemical and process renews the etched surface of the stone into a like-new surface and applies a permanent sealer which protects and warrants against future etching problems. To learn more about OPAL PREMIUM process, visit the page of our website that explains it in more detail.


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