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Protects your natural stone from everyday items like red wine, vinegar, lemon juice and soy sauce which can otherwise result in unsightly stone etching and stains on marble. AntiEtch


Stone etching and stains on marble, caused by wine, coffee, lipstick, and chocolate will wipe right off with a non-abrasive cleaner and soft cloth. Sheerstone will not stain.


OPAL provides a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty against acid etching and staining on installations applied by a Certified Sheerstone Applicator. 


Sheerstone is an impervious, permanent sealer for natural stone that protects like no other product and preserves the natural beauty of your stone. Honed or polished finishes are available. AntiEtch.
white marble resurface
resurface marble countertop


Sheerstone offers PERMANENT protection for natural stone – so don’t waste time and money on sealers that need yearly re-coating. What’s more, with Sheerstone, accidents, scuffs and scratches are easy to buff or repair.

Now you can entertain your guests without the worry of spills and stains on marble. 

"No more hovering with a coaster in hand."

Bring on the red wine!


Hygienic and Clean

Sheerstone is impervious to any bacterial penetration and can be easily cleaned using a non-abrasive, anti-bacterial cleaner.
white marble stains removed

Sheerstone Spotlighted on ABC 4
"Good Things Utah"

Video Transcript
    Female Speaker: Can you destroy a $30,000 marble countertop in just five seconds? Horrifically, yes. The citrus. Make it stop! Please, no! So many service states [0:00:15] [Phonetic]. Can you destroy a $30,000 marble countertop … Nicea DeGering: Oh, there’s natural stone countertops, those marble countertops, difficult to care for whether they’re in your kitchen or your bathroom. In this sponsored segment, we have Adam and Sarah Anderson from Sheerstone US joining us with tips and tricks on how to care for your marble. Welcome you two to the show. Sarah Anderson: Thank you. Nicea DeGering: I have not seen that before. That’s pretty funny. Adam Anderson: It is funny. You’re right. Nicea DeGering: Because it is stressful. I mean she’s being dramatic. Adam Anderson: Yeah. Nicea DeGering: But when you do cut on the marble or you do put citrus, can it destroy your countertop? Adam Anderson: It can, yeah. Your acids, just your orange juice, anything with an acid base in it can etch your countertops. Nicea DeGering: Well, and we’re talking to a lot of people out there. Marble very popular and common in people’s homes. Sarah Anderson: Yes. It’s beautiful, soft, very neutral. There’s a lot of people that are putting marble in their kitchen. But it comes with a cost if you don’t know how to treat it and take care of it. Nicea DeGering: All right, you two. So what can you do to protect your marble? Adam Anderson: So what we do is it’s a brand new technology. It’s like the electric car to the automobile industry. It’s called Sheerstone and it’s a process where we come in and seal your countertops. It has changed the industry just like the electric car into the automobile industry. Nicea DeGering: It’s that huge. Adam Anderson: It’s huge. Nicea DeGering: So what is Sheerstone and how does it work? Adam Anderson: So Sheerstone is a sealer process that we use. It’s a UV-cured system. Nicea DeGering: Talk us through what we’re watching, Adam. Adam Anderson: So what you’re watching right now is this is a project we did in Jackson Hole a few months ago. That was a marble countertop that we installed and the clients lived – we installed it and then the clients lived with it for about three months and then we came up and did the system. So this is the system you’re watching right now, the process where you’re – we sand down, take care of all the staining and etching and then we go through and cure it. You see all that bright light that they showed there. it’s a curing system. Nicea DeGering: Oh, the light, OK. Adam Anderson: So it cures the blue, basically the resin on the countertop and when we leave, when we walk out of the house, you can use it immediately. Nicea DeGering: So how long did that take? Adam Anderson: This was a huge kitchen Most kitchens – Nicea DeGering: It was a huge countertop. Adam Anderson: Yeah. Most kitchens take about two days. If it’s a big enough kitchen, it can take a week or more. Nicea DeGering: So Sarah, that was brand new, right? That had only been in the home about three months. What if you’ve had marble for several years? Sarah Anderson: So that was what we were up against. We have a large family. We have eight kids. We’ve adopted five. We’ve done foster care. We’ve had lots of kids in and out of our home and our – we love the look of marble. But it is hard to keep maintained and for us, it didn’t take much and our countertop, we had rings on – you know, next to the sink. The acid when kids would cut oranges, it did not stay looking good and so – Nicea DeGering: So that’s the question for viewers out there. What should they be noticing when they know they need something like Sheerstone? Is it those – the little things that just aren’t coming off it anywhere? Adam Anderson: You know, if it’s a marble, back to fifth grade education, if it’s a marble, it’s metamorphic, it’s going to etch. You can spill milk on it with the lactic acid in it and it can etch. It will take the polish off of it. So a lot of our clients, the red wine is murder on marble and so basically what Sheerstone has done is eliminated all those concerns that people have doing marble in their kitchen. Nicea DeGering: It’s completely durable? Adam Anderson: Yeah. It’s completely durable. Nicea DeGering: What have you tested on it, you two? Adam Anderson: We’ve actually put muriatic acid on it thinking, oh, it’s not going to work. I mean muriatic acid is going to dissolve everything in your studio. We put it on there thinking, “Oh, it will go through,” and I forgot about it. Left it on there for an hour and it was amazing. Nicea DeGering: Nothing. Adam Anderson: Nothing. So … Nicea DeGering: In an hour. Adam Anderson: Yeah, and it has got like a ten-year warranty. The product does itself and then locally here in the Utah area, we actually do a 20-year guarantee. So even if you have your countertop repaired, the day somebody leaves after repairing it, it can be damaged. Nicea DeGering: All right, you two. How old can my countertop be? Sarah Anderson: It can be – it doesn’t matter. There’s no limit on that. They can come in. They can refinish it and then put the Sheerstone on and it can look – the day they walk out or the minute they walk out, it looks beautiful, brand new, perfect. Nicea DeGering: OK. So look at the difference Sarah, just what you’re talking about. Sarah Anderson: Yeah. Nicea DeGering: That side treated with Sheerstone and the side that is not. Totally different. Sarah Anderson: Crazy. Adam Anderson: Completely. Sarah Anderson: Yeah. Nicea DeGering: I love that you said you’ve turned the industry on its head with this product. Adam Anderson: Yeah. It eliminates the concern with the marble. Nicea DeGering: Really? Adam Anderson: Yeah. Nicea DeGering: All right. How can I viewers get it? Adam Anderson: Yeah. We’ve got a website. You can go to the website. That’s Sheerstone dot US – or Nicea DeGering: It’s on your screen, everybody. Adam Anderson: It’s on our screen. Nicea DeGering: Yeah. We will make it easy for you. In fact we will link you from our website. Go to There’s also a 1-800 number on your screen that we will put on our website for more information on that sponsored segment. That’s where you head. But if you are thinking I want to protect my investment, now is the time to do it especially – I mean the bathroom, works in the bathroom too? Adam Anderson: Yeah. Nicea DeGering: Not just the kitchen. Adam Anderson: Yeah. Nicea DeGering: Thanks for being on the show. Sarah Anderson: Thank you. Adam Anderson: Thank you. Nicea DeGering: And coming up next everybody, we are headed to the kitchen to make Italian beef. Regs, what else is coming up? Reagan Leadbetter: That’s right. Then take a night out on the town. We will tell you where to celebrate Utah’s wine festival and mixing magic, science and learning. We will tell you about how schools can sign up now for a unique assembly.

    Sheerstone Spotlighted on ABC 4
    "Good Things Utah"

    Types of Stone Repair

    The luxurious stone throughout your home, whether it is marble, limestone or travertine, is an important investment that you want to preserve to withstand the test of time. Unfortunately it is going to be exposed to spills and etching from regular use. Now you can protect your stone surfaces for a long time. We are so confident with the longevity of protection from our Sheerstone application that we warrant it for 10 years. Now  you can protect or repair your marble, limestone or travertine countertops for a long time and not be so protective of stains due to spills. Sheerstone is a great antietch product.

    • Marble Repair
    • Limestone Repair
    • Travertine Repair
    • Marble Etching
    • Limestone Etching
    • Marble Refinishing
    • Stone Refinishing
    • Marble Resurface
    • Stone Resurface
    • Damaged Marble
    • Marble Stain
    • Limestone Stain
    • Stone Stain
    • Stained Stone
    • Stained Marble

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