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Protects your natural stone from everyday items like red wine, vinegar, lemon juice and soy sauce which can otherwise result in unsightly stone etching and stains on marble. AntiEtch


Stone etching and stains on marble, caused by wine, coffee, lipstick, and chocolate will wipe right off with a non-abrasive cleaner and soft cloth. Sheerstone will not stain.


OPAL provides a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty against acid etching and staining on installations applied by a Certified Sheerstone Applicator. 


Sheerstone is an impervious, permanent sealer for natural stone that protects like no other product and preserves the natural beauty of your stone. Honed or polished finishes are available. AntiEtch.
white marble resurface
resurface marble countertop


Sheerstone offers PERMANENT protection for natural stone – so don’t waste time and money on sealers that need yearly re-coating. What’s more, with Sheerstone, accidents, scuffs and scratches are easy to buff or repair.

Now you can entertain your guests without the worry of spills and stains on marble. 

"No more hovering with a coaster in hand."

Bring on the red wine!


Hygienic and Clean

Sheerstone is impervious to any bacterial penetration and can be easily cleaned using a non-abrasive, anti-bacterial cleaner.
white marble stains removed

Sheerstone Spotlighted on ABC 4
"Good Things Utah"

Types of Stone Repair

The luxurious stone throughout your home, whether it is marble, limestone or travertine, is an important investment that you want to preserve to withstand the test of time. Unfortunately it is going to be exposed to spills and etching from regular use. Now you can protect your stone surfaces for a long time. We are so confident with the longevity of protection from our Sheerstone application that we warrant it for 10 years. Now  you can protect or repair your marble, limestone or travertine countertops for a long time and not be so protective of stains due to spills. Sheerstone is a great antietch product.

  • Marble Repair
  • Limestone Repair
  • Travertine Repair
  • Marble Etching
  • Limestone Etching
  • Marble Refinishing
  • Stone Refinishing
  • Marble Resurface
  • Stone Resurface
  • Damaged Marble
  • Marble Stain
  • Limestone Stain
  • Stone Stain
  • Stained Stone
  • Stained Marble

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