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About the OPAL PREMIUM Process

Long-lasting Etching protection that preserves your stone


A specially formulated sealing process that is applied to any type of natural stone, including marble, travertine, limestone, sandstone etc. as well as concrete surfaces. It is applied using specific techniques to protect the stones surface from staining and etching. The OPAL PREMIUM finish maintains the natural beauty of your stone. It is etching protection.

Once applied, there is no more worry of permanent staining of your stone surface. And what's even more assuring, it is backed by a 10 year warranty. Now that's long-lasting protection at its best.

stained marble countertop

What is Etching

Our product is not just a stain sealer but also stops etching. Etching is different than a stain. A stain is something that seeps into the pores of the stone and remains there until it is lifted. Etching is a chemical burn that is activated by foods or liquids with any amount of acid.

Some common products that cause etching are; wine, vinegar, lemon, coffee, and soda. These everyday products will etch your stone along with many other household cleaners and foods. These acidic substances come in contact with the stone and begin to eat away at the stone, causing burns in the surface of the stone. These can look like bleach spots or water marks, but can’t be wiped off. Etching can happen immediately when these products come in contact with the stone. Even your premium stain sealers do not stop etching from occurring. Our product is designed to not only stop staining but also stops etching.

white marble finish with sheerstone

Why use it on stone?

If you look closely at the natural stone’s surface it is full of open fissures, cavities, cracks, and faults that look, from a distance, like dull areas on the surface or a different colored vein that is a softer material than the main stone. These imperfections add to the stone’s aesthetic appearance and can be the reason for choosing the stone in the first place. OPAL PREMIUM puts a barrier over the entire surface preventing any materials/chemicals from coming in contact with the natural stone’s surface. An Etching solution. See our work

sheerstone finish


OPAL PREMIUM is ready to use immediately – so you can get on with life – or business with minimal interruption. Our proven UV Light-Cure technology means application is faster and you can use your surface the same day it’s coated.

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