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About Opal Luxury Surfaces

Opal Luxury Surfaces is a company committed to delivering elegant  products to protect your luxurious stone surfaces. We off the highest level of service from the first appointment to the final inspection. We have over 30 years experience in the stone industry. We are dedicated to protecting the life and beauty of your stone.
opal anti-etch

Who We Are

Opal Luxury Surfaces offers a revolutionary process designed to protect your stone from etching and staining. While maintaining the natural pristine beauty of nature. Our Opal Anti-Etch is the only sealer on the market offering a 10 year manufacturing warranty and a 20-year Opal Luxury Surface warranty against staining and etching when applied by our master technicians. 

Our Process

Opal Luxury Surfaces believes in the white glove treatment. We go the extra mile in protecting your home while we are there protecting your stone. We use a heppa filtration process to minimize dust. We protect your floors, cabinets, appliances, and all surrounding areas. As part of the process, we repair any existing scratches or etching. Our Certified technicians will leave your countertops with the finish of your choice. We offer a high polish or honed to anything in between. 
opal anti-etch process


With over 24 years in the stone and fabrication business, Adam is well known with general contractors and interior designers for his attention to detail, quality work and personable customer service. He is very hands-on when servicing his customers.  His knowledge of stone and stone installation is what sets him apart from anyone else in this industry. He adds a lot to Opal Luxury Surfaces.


Kyle Stock is a general contractor from Salt Lake City, Utah. He has 25 years’ experience in the construction and stone business. For the past 20+ year he has become very proficient in, cutting, polishing, installing, and sealing all types of natural stone tile & slabs. He is certified in the newest technologies in slab fabrication.  He has continued to keep up to date on the leading sealants on the market for natural stone, and is now a certified installer of Dry Treat sealants. He has extensive experience on the Opal Anti-Etch process. Hands-on with Opal Luxury Surfaces.

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