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How Do I Take Care of my Marble Countertop

Take Care of my Marble Countertop - For centuries, marble stone has been used in European countries due to its elegance and natural beauty. Practically every home in Europe has a stone countertop. Marble has also become very popular in the United States. More and more American homes have some form of stone countertop now, and marble is becoming the popular choice.

Marble being an extremely soft & porous stone, can become etched and develop permanent stains which can only be removed by a professional marble refinisher. So, to protect your luxurious investment, it is important to regularly care for your marble countertops. Here is some expert advice on how to care for your marble countertop.

  1. Make sure your marble countertop is sealed

Although marble is one of the more elegant of stone countertops, it is also one of the softest and most porous stones and needs to be sealed with a good sealer. There are many different brands of sealer on the market. You don’t want to skimp on quality to protect your expensive investment. A new product on the market that has been getting a lot of attention is called OPAL PREMIUM. This product and process will put a permanent sealer on your marble surface that will last for years. Opal Luxury Surfaces, the sole marketer of the product will guarantee it for 20 years if you live in the area close to their business. And you only need to have it applied once. While other sealers require regular reapplications, OPAL PREMIUM is a one-time application that lasts for years. For more information on this new sealer and process, call 800-64-2330.

  1. Keep the surface of your marble countertop clean

It may sound obvious, but it is very important to keep the surface of your marble clean and free from spills of any kind. Once something is spilled on the countertop, immediately wipe it up with a nonabrasive cloth and only very mild soap and water. If you wait to clean up a spill, it can seep in the stone and cause a permanent stain, or even worse, etching of the stone.

  1. Etching and permanent stains

Etching is caused by acidic liquids, like lemon juice, vinegar, wine, and tomato juice. Those substances eat away at the marble surface and leave a permanent, dull surface. When you develop an etched surface, it requires professional resurfacing to remove the etched marks. So, it is important to immediately wipe up any spilled liquid or liquid marks left from glasses.

  1. Use a cutting board regularly

It is also important, when you are cutting any type of fruit, vegetable, bread, or meat to use a cutting board instead the surface of the marble. This will save your marble surface from cuts and stains. Have a cutting board that is easily accessible for your food preparation. Another good habit is to always use coasters with your drinks.

For more information about protecting your marble surfaces, call Opal Luxury Surfaces at 800-964-2330; or contact us here

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